salt and pepper single diamond pendant bridesmaid gift
single diamond pendant salt and pepper diamond bridesmaid gift
salt and pepper single diamond pendant rose gold necklace

The Narrator

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In order for a diamond to exist, an immense process has to take place… and a few billion years.

Carbon Molecules are trapped about 100 miles beneath the earth's surface, and exposed to extreme heat and pressure - about 1500 degrees Celsius or 2700 degrees Fahrenheit to be precise- and about 725,000 lbs per square inch of pressure - just to put that in perspective, it’s the equivalent of over 4000 grown men standing on your foot.

This heat and this pressure change the structure of the common CO2 atom and form a diamond. But that still leaves them 100 miles beneath the earth's surface… So how do we get them?

We owe that to volcanic eruptions that explosively catapult our coveted treasures to the earth's surface in magma, which layers up and cools into the rocks that we now mine for diamonds. It’s no small feat.? So why then are we not a little more enamored and appreciative of such a journey? In a time when we are such suckers for a "rags to riches" story, why do we not revel in the story of the humble carbon atom to the most desirable rock in the world? 

This is a Salt and Pepper Diamond, it holds inside of it an entire universe, a complex galaxy displaying its history, an irreplicable display of its story, and I think Salt and Pepper diamonds are some of the most extraordinary things I've ever seen! Super sparkly, rich and complex, this multi-layered and intricate stone is simply mesmerizing. 

Cast in place, 18kt Rose gold is poured molten around the stone, and ebbs and flows in organic globes that pin this perfect and defiant diamond into place, to delicately hang about your neck.

Hung on one of my signature, adjustable diamond cut chains, the whole pendant shimmers and sparkles. 

Every single piece is custom made to order, a natural variance will occur between diamonds but I hand pick each and every stone for distinction, and will never work with anything I don't consider extraordinary. 

Handmade in NYC, every stone is certified conflict-free and cast in recycled gold.

I work exclusively with a devoted vendor that only carries certified diamonds, sourced from mines that work within the UN's Kimberley initiative. 

Made with love,