The March
The March

The March

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Diamonds on their own terms.

A beautiful, simple and elegant band, with scattered diamonds, allowed to fall where they land, lay as they please, and march right off the edges. 

I love both the simplicity and organic creativity of this dainty and glittering piece. A striking every day staple or unique and unpretentious wedding band, that dares to be a little bit different.

For one who thinks outside the box, colors outside life's lines, and lives to defy social boundaries, this band is nothing short of an extraordinary sweetheart. 

Every piece is handmade to order, and my process is a unique method called "lost wax casting". I hand carve the band in wax and using heat techniques, sink the diamonds in to the band with rough precision, but allowing a somewhat freestyle arrangement to form as the diamonds move in the wax. The stones are then cast in place. This is such an exciting part of the process, where the wax model is put in a flask that is then filled with heat proof plaster, and fired in a kiln to burn out the wax leaving a perfect cavity where the wax once was, with the stones pinned in suspension by the plaster, allowing the molten gold to then form around the diamonds. The results are always unique, variable, unpredictable, extraordinary and truly one of a kind. It is called "lost wax", as that design is then forever lost.

Available in Rose or Yellow Gold, in 18, 14 or 10 karats, sizes 4 through to 8, please allow a two to four week turnaround.  

Shown here in 18kt Rose Gold. I personally favor 18 karat Rose, or 10 karat Yellow Gold, as they are a paler, creamy colored alloy mixes, subtle and absolutely stunning.

Alternative stone choices also available, please contact me for details.