The Hanging Rose
The Hanging Rose
The Hanging Rose

The Hanging Rose

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Cast from a desert rose, this beautiful piece is a result of a natural phenomenon - the crystallisation of minerals in arid and sandy desert conditions, resulting in the fragmented, glittering angles and rose like layers that can be seen in The Hanging Rose.

A heavily weighted, plunging pendant sitting on one of TER's notable fine cut cable chains. 

A desert rose, or sand rose, forms as a combination of water, wind, and sand, when crystals of Gypsum and/or Baryte form in the arid sandy conditions, creating this shimmering, rose like formation.

Some of the inhabitants of the Sahara believe that what they call the “Sand Rose” has an internal energy that is used for protection, prosperity and purification. Many cultures have seen this layered mineral as a purifier that can “neutralize” negative energy or clear energy from objects, even people, and send that energy to mother earth, if needed, for healing. 

Mystics aside, its a beautiful crystal, something our designer, Jayne, has been fascinated with since being gifted one from an Algerian friend as a little girl. 

Cast metal, this plunging pendant undeniably has a solid and comforting feel, be it its weight, where it sits on the body, or the way it feels to touch and explore.

Always noticed, the Hanging Rose is as elegant as it is bold.


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All hand crafted, batch produced and hand finished here in New York City.

All items are made to order, please allow a two to four week turn around, email us for rush orders.