Sweetheart Solitaire

Sweetheart Solitaire

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There is beauty in simplicity... and simplicity in natural beauty. 

I don't care for grandeur or pretention. I don't work with diamonds for their status, I work with them for their extraordinary beauty, for their internal light and fire. I work with them because they are so strong, and so hard, and yet so complex and have been through so much to get to where they are now. I don't care about "cut, color, carat, and clarity", I love the inclusions, the details, and the internal "flaws", and I seek out stones especially for them. Be it carbon smoke that looks like a whispered secret, or inclusions that look like a whole galaxy encapsulated inside your stone, or a flush of color, a burn, a memory... these are the details I seek out, for these are what makes someone unique, these are what shows character, complexity and depth, and these are what sets your stone apart from any other in the universe. 

My Sweetheart Solitaire collection features one, bold, stand-alone Diamond, hand picked for it's "je ne sais quois" - for it's something inexplicable, it's something extraordinary, it's something that sets it apart from the rest - and is freehand set and cast in place between two organic, imperfect swells of molten gold, and suspended on my super fine, super strong, adjustable length, diamond cut chains. Notice a theme? Delicate does not mean weak, simple does not mean boring, and Diamond does not mean anything you ever thought it did before!! 

Don't be basic. Be extraordinary. Show me your flaws and I'll show you mine.

Every single piece is custom made on order. Every single piece is a one of a kind. All diamonds are certified CONFLICT FREE, sourced from mines within the UN's Kimberley initiative, and the gold is refined and recycled. Made by hand, made in NYC. Made with love, by me, JM x