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Introducing “salt and pepper” diamonds. The wilder cousin to the conventional diamond, these bask in all the glory of having everything that the “ideal diamond” does NOT, and in doing so they have so much more personality, being naturally distinct from any other.

These smoke and mirror diamonds are mesmerizing. Photos simply don't do this ring justice. Three slightly tiered, brilliant cut, smokey grey and mesmerizingly detailed diamonds sit between two clear tapered baguette diamonds, set in 18kt Rose Gold, rounded and polished so smooth it feels barely there to wear, yet glitters so beautifully. Slim, elegant, subdued and effortless. 

If you have ever researched or purchased a diamond, you will probably know that most diamonds have “flaws” - imperfections and inclusions. 

So what are these imperfections? Well the inclusions are blemishes like white flecks, black carbon spots (my favorite), feathering, fault lines, clouds or chips, and these can come in all shapes and sizes. A salt and pepper diamond is one that is dappled with a mix of these white and black inclusions, cut rough and raw without discrimination, to give you this bold, strong willed and extraordinary stone, layered with visible complexity and quite literally an “inner beauty” that is utterly unique to that stone. 

As if this defiant and extraordinary stone isn't special enough, Salt and Pepper Diamonds are without a doubt the eco friendly saving grace of the scruitinous diamond industry. Because S&P Diamonds come rough-hewn and raw, they are essentially a bi-product of, and far less taxing on the environment than mining regular “GIA quality” diamonds, making them inherently sustainable. With this rise and rise in appreciation of these raw flaws, and the stone’s story visibly revealed, the use of these stones creates a lot less waste of precious resources, as well as a resurgence of definitively unique jewelry that, by their very nature, can not be massed produced. 

In addition to this, and for your peace of mind, I work with only certified CONFLICT FREE diamonds.

Each and every ring is hand made to order, and the diamonds will vary naturally, I will however never use a stone I am not in love with, and am happy to send you photos of your stones before working with them for piece of mind. I am a perfectionist and stand by the importance of my stones - which I sit for hours and hand select - each having that one of a kind "je ne sais quoi" value.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for turn around and contact me for custom alterations or rush orders. 

Made with love, always.