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The deep thinking big sister to the Lu Ring.

What you see here is a hand-made and freeform set, dainty little emerald-cut Sapphire, delicately cradled with an open back and exposed sides, allowing light to shine through and simply sparkle.

Cast not set, the sparkling Sapphire is nestled between two molten beads that melt and fold over the stones ends with that organic irregularity that has become my signature style, and part of the rebel-set process.

In creating this piece I couldn't help but notice each sparkling little sapphire somewhat resembled a shimmering little tear drop, and it moved me to thinking about the power of our tears. How tears roll down our faces when we laugh, how we cave inwards and cry when in pain, how watching powerful emotive scenes can bring us to tears in empathy with a perfect stranger, and how incredible it is that we are able to feel everything so very deeply, and so powerfully. It is the true beauty of the human condition and one we don't treasure enough. To cry over, for or with someone is so extraordinarily meaningful. It is for something to matter, to resonate, to be felt to the core. It is love. Lana represents love, and the power, the pain and the beauty in loving someone just so hard. To give the gift of a single, shimmering, everlasting tear is to me, a momento of love, and how much someone means to you. 

Lana is precious.

Hand made in New York city using recycled and refined metals, created using the cast in place method, allowing an element of free flow and organic unpredictablity into each design. No two are ever the same, and stones available in pale green, pale teal, blues, pink and white Sapphires. Hung on my delicate, diamond cut, fine cable chains, this dainty little piece sparkles all the way up.

Made with love, always.

JM x