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Salt and pepper diamonds.

The wilder cousin to the conventional diamond, these bask in all the glory of having everything that the “ideal diamond” does NOT, and in doing so they have so much more personality. Containing personal carbon galaxies that contain the histories of a billion years - the journey each single stone took to get to your finger - now I think that is extraordinary. No two are ever the same, containing unique inclusions like white flecks, black carbon spots (my favorite), feathering, fault lines, carbon clouds or chips, and these can come in all shapes and sizes.

A salt and pepper diamond is one that is dappled with a mix of these white and black inclusions, cut rough and raw without discrimination, to give you this bold, strong willed and extraordinary stone, layered with visible complexity and quite literally an “inner beauty” that is utterly unique to that stone. 

Here you see a series of five rose cut grey diamonds, tapered in size and paired in shade to create this balanced, contemporary, eye-catching piece. Photo's truly don't do justice to how much these beauties sparkle. 

Rebel set on a smooth, dainty 18kt Yellow Gold band, leaving the edges of the stone exposed to capture and refract the light into the magical intricate latices within them.

Using certified CONFLICT FREE diamonds. I work closely with a remarkable supplier here in New York that supplies only certified diamonds and deals only in rough stones that comply with the UN Kimberley initiative.

Hand made in NYC. Each piece is custom made to order so please allow 2-4 weeks for turn around and contact me for rush orders at

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