Engrained Memories with sunken Sapphires
Engrained Memories with sunken Sapphires

Engrained Memories with sunken Sapphires

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A ring of serendipity. This uniquely textured ring was created using salt and sugar, and an ancient technique called Lost Wax Casting.

Allowing the sugar and salt crystals to lead, this stunning piece pretty much conceptualized itself, and as with most organic matter, the free form lines and irregularities that came about, are what makes it such a stand out beauty. Nature knows best! 

Only up close can one really see the depths and contradictions in the surface texture, and how it catches the light and sparkles, with all the raised areas polished to high shine.

The Engrained Memories piece is a TER best seller and my personal favorite, as it's clean and elegant, yet so unique and complex on a second glance. 

The Engrained Memories makes a very special wedding band, unconventional like it's would-be-wearer, it's slender, but bold, elegant, and yet holds so much character, daring to be different. 

Also see the Engrained and Embedded versions, with diamonds and Sapphires sunk into the band and cast in place. This rarely used technique allows the stones to sit within the ring without any conventional setting beads or prongs. The metal is literally poured around them, so they are encapsulated organically, not breaking the lines of the piece, but give an added and unexpected sparkle. 

Everything is hand made to order, right here in New York City, so please allow a two to four week turn around, and feel free to contact me for rush orders or custom variations at Jayne@ternyc.com

Hand made in New York City.

Made with integrity, Made in the USA.