Diamond Slice Hoop Earrings
Diamond Slice Hoop Earrings

Diamond Slice Hoop Earrings

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If you have not yet met a diamond slice, then let me introduce you to something truly unique and extraordinary.

Diamonds are an extraordinary stone. They are the strongest of the bunch and have an unfathomable history of heat, pressure, a billion years and volcanic eruption. These slices show a glimpse of their extreme story...

They are dainty shards of mottled and intriguing, glass-like slices, containing their own little galaxies of a story, each one being completely unique to the next, and they sparkle like the diamonds that they are! 

Here the stones are polished and faceted front and back, but left with raw and ragged edges, encased in hand-laid gold, framing and encircling the stone, leaving both sides raw and exposed. 

I hand pick each slice individually, seeking out slices of light and reflection, with something striking about them. I will sift through hundreds of stones to find my few and won't work with anything I am not in love with. 

Cast in place, the gold forms to the stone in a unique, organic, and unruly manner, in keeping with the randomized, free-hand style that has become our signature style.

Every single slice is unique and no two are ever the same, so natural variances will occur from piece to piece.

Wear solo, as a miss-matched pair, or combine and layer up with my other hoops of different designs and dimensions! 

Made to order, right here in NYC, please allow 2-3 weeks for turn around and delivery, contact for rush orders. 

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