Violet Rhose
Violet Rhose

Violet Rhose

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The newest edition and just in time for Spring. 

This eternity band is made with Purple Rhodolites, a stone that is part of the Garnet family, and is both bold and beautiful and strong enough to take my heat! 

Set in my signature rebel-set style, the Violet Rhose is created using the cast-in-place method. Every single piece is made by hand, from scratch, and the stones are hand laid into carved wax, set freestyle and by eye for an organic free-form aesthetic.

The stones and wax piece then enter the casting process, and are set in plaster and kiln fired mighty hot to create what is called a "burn out". This burns away all the wax and any organic residue, leaving the stones suspended in place, encapsulated by the plaster, to allow for molten gold to be poured into the void.

The resulting effect is these shimmering stones pinned in place by the natural swells and bulges of molten metal around them, polished to high-shine, for this sparkling, contemporary take on a treasured classic. 

Shown here in 18kt Rose Gold, it is also available in 18kt Yellow, 10kt yellow - a pale and creamy gold, and 14kt White Gold. White gold is pretty much grey, to be honest, and it gets plated in Rhodium (always) to get that "white" appearance. I am being very frank with you in that if you cast 10, 14, 18, or 22kt white gold, it is all still plated in the same Rhodium, which is what you see. So I opt for 14kt as it is both fine and strong. If you have a strong desire to have it in 18kt I am happy to do so custom. 

Every ring is made to order, by hand, using recycled and refined metals and responsibly sourced stones. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

Made by hand, made with love, made by me, made in NYC. 

xx JM