Rebel Sapphires
Rebel Sapphires

Rebel Sapphires

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Deliberately defiant, and yet utterly beautiful. 

This is a rebellious take on the classic Sapphire necklace. Each Emerald cut Sapphire is set individually using my cast in place methodology, and clustered together in a unique arrangement, given the freedom to move as they wish, and guided by heat. The ensemble is unruly, imperfect, irregular and absolutely unique. 

Shown here cast in 10kt yellow gold, a creamy pale gold that complements the subtlety of the pastel hued stones. The piece cast in place, meaning the gold is poured around the stones, ebbing and flowing over and around them, in folds and spills, cradling and suspending them in the organic nonconformity that is my rebel-set style. This piece can also be made available in most metals on request. It is then suspended on my diamond cut 14kt chains, both dainty and strong, sparkling uniquely from the intricately faceted edges of every loop on the chain.

Each piece is a one off. This was the first, and with each piece the design will be uniquely created for you, allowing the stones to layer as they naturally want to.

Always featuring at least six extraordinary Sapphires. I am offering three categories, monochromatic, mixed coloring and clear whites. For the monochromatic I will choose a color theme and choose stones within that palette, i.e. all pink hues, or all teal hues, for the mixed I will choose complementary but varied stones as shown here, and for the clear whites I will only choose from my White Sapphires. 

I work very much from the heart and choose the stones that leap out and catch my attention, but I am happy to share photos and correspondence during the process for approval before casting. 

Made to order, made by hand, made in NYC.

Please allow a two to four week turn around. 

Enquiries welcome.