Rebel Sapphires
Rebel Sapphires

Rebel Sapphires

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Deliberately defiant, and yet utterly beautiful. 

This is a rebellious take on the classic Sapphire necklace. Each Emerald cut Sapphire is set individually using my cast in place methodology, and clustered together in a unique arrangement, given the freedom to move as they wish, and guided by heat. The ensemble is unruly, imperfect, irregular and absolutely unique.

The Liberty Series is designed for she who dares to walk her own path, to stand out from a crowd and is unashamedly herself. 

Each piece is uniquely hand made, a one-off, designed and created for the individual it's intended for. Using a minimum of six stones and an assortment of Sapphires, Diamonds, Rubies, and Rhodolites - sometimes raw and uncut - I will choreograph your signature piece using my cast in place technique and rebel set style.  

On purchasing a Liberty piece, I will contact you to ask a few questions; to absorb in essence who you are, or who the piece is intended for, the character, the quirks, and what makes one tick, and channel that into a standout, one of a kind piece. 

You can be involved as much or as little as you want to be in the process. I let my stones lead, their natural characteristics and gravity guiding my design with the wearer in mind. The result is a freeform contemporary arrangement, a twist on the classic precious stone necklace, unruly and unrefined but always dainty and elegant, sparkling with independence. 

Hung on my signature diamond cut chains, delicate and yet strong, each tiny link has been faceted to catch the light and sparkle. 

Cast in place means the gold is poured around the stones, ebbing and flowing over and around them, in folds and spills, cradling and suspending them in the organic nonconformity that is my rebel-set style.

Using recycled and refined metals, each piece is made to order and handmade, right here in NYC. 

Please allow a two to four week turn around. 

Enquiries welcome.