Lady Grey
Lady Grey
Lady Grey

Lady Grey

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Unfortunately, or fortunately, there will only ever be one of these... 

Diamond Slices are extraordinary. An elegant shard of history, a billion years encapsulated between layers that sparkle in the light and pull you in to her story. 

I will be making more in this style, but the beauty and the curse of working with these extraordinary stones is no two are ever the same. 

I hand pick each slice individually, seeking out slices for their light and reflection that have something so striking about them. I will sift through hundreds of stones to find my few and won't work with anything I am not in love with. I look for distinct inclusions - carbon freckles and feathering, clouding and iridescence, fracture lines and layers - for that is where I see the beauty and the story of Diamonds journey. 

In this ring the stone is held in place with contemporary, freestyle prongs, celebrating it's natural angles and nurturing the glinting facets. A rose cut surface makes this stone incredibly sparkly, she demands attention.

For this piece I opted to use a 10kt Rose Gold, as it has a richer pink hue, that off-sets the grey so beautifully. Inspired by my recent color palettes of dark and pale greys, and rich coppers and rose gold, I wanted the stone to stand out, and the gold to embolden the stones rich detail. 

This one is a Size 6. For further custom creations please email me at to find your perfect stone and style. 

Made in New York City using Recycled Gold and Conflict free Diamonds. 

Sustainable and Responsible, always.